Saying ‘I Do’ to the Perfect Wedding Dress: Your Complete Guide

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It is a dream that you live. You walk down the aisle looking like a vision. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can ever cross this feeling of finally becoming a bride. You engulf yourselves in the crazy preparation while having splashes of emotions inside you. Your lookout for your wedding dress is chaotic yet so personal and surreal. As a modern woman, your D-day might not be the most important day of your life, but your wedding dress is undoubtedly  one of the most memorable purchases you will ever make.


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We are happy to be a part of this crazy yet beautiful journey with you. We have a series of tips or ideas that will help you land your dream wedding dress.

So, brace yourself and read along with our Go-To guide to help you hunt your dream wedding dress down!

  • Research will get it done, Sis!

Are we ready? Scour through infinite websites, rip off pages from magazines(literally), check out what your favorite celebrities wore on their wedding day, and make Pinterest your best pal. Give yourself permission to go a bit CRAZY; it’s your wedding, after all. Research thoroughly and discover(or re-discover) your style. Try and connect the dress references with the overall theme of your wedding. Compile all these ideas, save them in your mind’s most creative folder, and reproduce them when you set out to hunt for your wedding dress.

  • Be the early Birdie- Shop early:

Girl, you are way too gorgeous to be stressed at the last minute. Cut out all the possibilities of panic. You ask how? Now that you have done your initial research like a sincere Ph.D. scholar set out to shop. Yes. Don’t think much. Book your first appointment with your wedding dress consultant and look for that childhood-dream-wedding dress. Shop early(not too early), look for all the possibilities, and give as many inputs as you can think of. The reason is it usually takes 4 to 8 months for an exclusive wedding dress to be produced. After that, you must consider the time that might go into alterations and personalization ( if any).

  • Set your (flexible) budget:

Look, we are not in a position to set a budget for you. A hefty amount of factors must be considered while setting the budget for your wedding dress. It will save you a lot of time by narrowing down your focus. Sit down with your folks and decide who will pay for the dress. Make the budget accordingly. One pro tip that can come in handy is that you must add the not-so-obvious costs to your budget too. Yes, they are tricksters. Suppose you set your wedding day dress to, say, $2000. Be the ‘Diligent Bride’ of the century, and don’t end up picking a dress worth $2000. Factor in the cost of jewelry, shoes, tailoring, cleaning, and preservation cost of the dress.

#Myth 1.

  •  Wedding dresses have to be white.

It is your wedding. It’s you who gets to set the rules. As long as the wedding dress color is concerned, you can choose any color. Really. Any color. The white wedding gowns became famous after Queen Victoria wore one at her wedding in 1840. You will be shocked to know that before that, women used to wear their favorite or the most expensive piece of clothing they owned as their wedding dress.

  •               Experiment with all your Heart!:

Make a conscious list of all the dress styles that you come across. Your style quotient, theme, and overall mood of the wedding play a significant role in helping you decide on your wedding dress. But the most crucial factor is understanding your (unique) body type. Let us help you out. A voluminous gown will look extravagant and dramatic, but a petite frame will not be able to shine in that couture.

Similarly, the mermaid style will flaunt your curves. You can opt for a fit-and-flare gown if you want to play safe and stay traditional. Other options that you can go for are A-line, trumpet, column, sheath, etc. In short, experiment as much as you can and pick the dress that touches your heart.

  • Never, never ignore your JEWELS:

We know there is a possibility that while you are engrossed in looking for your wedding dress, other details might harmlessly slip out of your mind. But please don’t commit the not-so-harmless mistake of forgetting about your jewelry. People do not realize the impact of a well-designed jewelry show on your wedding day. An elegant piece of diamond stud or a classic pendant can enhance the look of the dress like magic. Make it a point to decide upon your wedding day jewelry once you have landed your dress. If possible, keep a few days aside to try different jewelry looks to help you achieve your visualized look. Have a heart- to- heart with your would be spouse about the wedding bands too.

  • Bridesmaids, where you at?

Okay, this is where sentiments get into the picture. Can your wedding be complete without your girl gang by your side? The precious tribe that did not leave you when things got rough. But here’s the catch. To smooth your wedding dress hunt, you need to narrow your shopping crew to two to three people. We are not saying  that your other friends’ opinions do not matter. But too many opinions on the table can leave you confused. So, pick your top two (or three) ladies to help you in this endeavor.


  • Wedding dresses must be floor-length.

This is yet another myth that makes no sense. Earlier, it was a concept that floor-length wedding gowns symbolized wealth. But if you are considering wearing a wedding dress that is shorter in length,  go for it! You wear a wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful and feminine.

  • Can you visualize your wedding dress?

Visualize, sis. This is one of the top secrets that has helped brides choose their perfect wedding dress. Visualize yourself walking down the aisle amidst your loved ones. Have a clear vision of how you would like to feel on your big day—classic, beautiful, romantic, chic, modern, or vintage. There are no hard and fast rules about how a bride should ‘look.’ You make all the decisions as far as your look is concerned. Stay true to yourself and select a dress that feels like YOU.

  • Add your magical touch-Personalize!

Personalizing your wedding dress can save you good bucks. Not only that but personalizing your wedding dress with something as unique as a family heirloom( for instance, your grandmother’s veil) can add a special touch of sentiment. If couture or cut-to-measure dresses are going extensively out of your decided budget, you can pick a dress off the rack and personalize it with all your heart with an experienced tailor by your side.

  • You are sure about THEME, right?

Be wise enough not to keep your wedding dress distinct from the overall style and theme of the wedding before you start browsing through different dresses to try to be specific about the theme of your wedding. An extravagant or intimate ceremony should have different wedding dress styles. Or you can go for two wedding dresses( if your budget permits). One for the formal ceremony and the other one for the party( reception)


  • Wedding Gowns should not be bought online.

If you can buy your dream wedding dress from a traditional store, it is all cool, but if not, look at the online options available. Just make sure that the website has a trusted return policy. If you don’t find the dress to look as dreamy as you thought, you can return it.

Bidding you Goodbye with these words. 

If you are someone stuck in the shackles of society’s expectations, let your wedding be your way of deconstructing norms. Make choices for your wedding and cherish and celebrate this day to the fullest  with your loved ones. Follow no rules and have a blast while you rock in your dream wedding dress.

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