10 tips to take care of your Round Cut Engagement ring

Round cut diamond engagement ring

“If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently. You shield it and protect it. You never abuse it. You don’t expose it to the elements. You don’t make it common or ordinary. If it ever becomes tarnished, you lovingly polish it until it gleams like new.”

F. Burton Howard has my absolute heart for this beautiful quote.

Whether it is our possessions or relationships, we treat them with care if we want them to last and stand the test of time. We love them differently and protect them with everything in our discourse. It takes effort, but it’s so damn worth it!!

Round Cut Engagement rings symbolize love, commitment, and beauty t hat transcends time. This radiant ring epitomizes elegance and sophistication with its circular silhouette and perfectly symmetrical shape. But like any treasured possession, they need care and frequent inspection. After all, it’s your engagement ring we are talking about!

Care prolongs beauty!

Think about it, when you put effort into something, like watering your plants or feeding your pet, they thrive and grow into the most marvelous things! It’s the same with your engagement ring, my dear! When you show love and care, it’ll stay as shiny as a disco ball at a party.

So, how do you take care of your round-cut engagement ring?

 We will ensure that by the time you finish reading this blog, you will become acquainted with some practical & effective tips to care for your precious round-cut engagement rings.

Shall we start?

#Tip 1: Inspect that beauty!:


Make it a habit of regularly inspecting your round-cut engagement ring at least once every month. You see, there are chances of debris embedding under the head of the ring that can be easily cleaned. You must check the prongs on the setting of your ring as well as you should check the stone too. A monthly inspection can save you from many future unwanted concerns.

#Tip 2: Chemicals? Absolutely no.

Avoid chemicals at all costs. So many people crop up in my head when I talk about this. People usually complain that their precious rings have lost their luster and shine but will do everything in their power to expose them to substances that can diminish their beauty.

I can’t ask you to remove your engagement ring when you wash your hands with soap and water. But there are certain chemicals that you must avoid for the sake of that beauty on your finger. Chemicals like bleach, baking soda, chlorine, and specific cleansers tarnish metal and make them lose color.

Be careful when applying lotion, hair gel, perfumes, and sunscreens. They often leave residue on the top or under the ring that gets hard to clean afterward and finally erodes the metal.

#Tip 3: Insurance never disappoints!

Make a smart move. Buy insurance for your round-cut engagement ring. You can add a specific rider to your existing policy or get a separate one for your ring. You should update your policy every few years just to ensure it covers your ring’s value.

#Tip 4: Spare thy ring. Do all hands-in activities

Remove the metal or gemstones in your engagement ring when performing tasks that could harm it—exercising, sailing, rock climbing, gardening, cooking, and cleaning. Wearing your ring is typically not a good idea because its diamonds can scratch glasses when you wash dishes.

Wearing an engagement ring in a lake or the ocean poses a unique risk since the cold water contracts your finger, increasing the likelihood that the ring will fall off and into the water.

#Tip 5: Girl, no taking off the ring in public!

Can I have the stage to share some psychological facts? Don’t worry, mate. I won’t bore you.!

Humans are forgetful creatures. We tend to keep things in a ‘safe’ place and completely forget about them. It happens. All the time. Even to the smartest ones.

But losing some random clip differs from losing your precious diamond round-cut engagement ring. There is simply no comparison, right?

So, next time you use a public restroom, DO Not take off your engagement ring just to wash your hands. Maybe you won’t agree with me now, but there are chances that on some unfortunate day, you may drop the ring in the drain or on the floor and lose it. Trust me, there are really slim chances that you’ll get it back.

 So, next time you use a public restroom, admire your beautiful face and more beautiful ring and simply march out.

You forgot to wash your hands, though!

#Tip 6: It deserves a separate ‘safe.’

Do not listen to your folks calling you extra for doing this. You’ll thank me in the years to come. Make sure not to keep your diamond ring by the sink. It should also be outside the reach of children. You can opt for a satin pouch or a different compartment in your jewelry box to store your diamond ring. Doing so will protect your ring from being scratched by coming in contact with other ornaments.

Diamonds can damage other gemstones and metals due to their hard composition. If you have to go to the gym or the beach, leave the ring in the car or wear it on your necklace

#Tip 7: Be gentle with your ring. 

You won’t buy this, but there are proper and improper ways to put on and remove your ring. Always grab your ring by the band and not the center stone when taking it off or putting it on. Gripping your ring by the setting repeatedly over time may cause the metal to distort and weaken the hold of your diamond. Additionally, it soils the diamond with skin oils and fingerprints, dulling its radiance.

#Tip 8: Watch out for extreme temperature changes. 

It’s important to note that avoiding abrupt and excessive temperature fluctuations in a short time will help minimize any issues your diamond ring may have. Although rare, there is a slight chance it could warp metal or cause a diamond to crack.

#Tip 9: Considering Upgrading? Are you sure?

Upgrading your diamond ring may seem like a good idea, but giving it second thoughts is essential. Upgrades can be costly, and it’s important to consider the sentimental value of the original ring. Additionally, upgrading to a larger diamond may not necessarily mean it’s of higher quality and could potentially have less value. It’s also worth considering the environmental impact of diamond mining and whether an upgrade is necessary.

#Tip 10: Cleansing goes a long way!

Fun fact!

Diamonds are oleophilic. They tend to attract skin from our skin and form a thin film on it that dims its shine and hence its brilliance. So, clean it, ladies. You can do it every two weeks or even more often. If you are under the impression that you must visit your jeweler to get your ring professionally cleaned ( which you can go for), you can even clean it all by yourself.

All you need is a bowl of lukewarm water and a few drops of mild dishwasher. Then drop the ring in the bowl and let it stay put for 10-15 mins, then gently use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean it up. Then rinse the ring with clean water and pat it dry with a lint-free microfiber cloth. You can even go for non-abrasive cleaners to clean your ring. Just ensure that the cleaner’s composition is safe for the diamond and the band’s metal.

Cheers to the iconic bling of round-cut engagement rings!

I hope we helped you with some doable and practical tips to help you take care of your engagement ring. Diamonds are forever, guys. No, this is not a marketing gimmick. It’s true only when you care for them how they deserve.

So, cutting to the chase and putting it right on the table:

Take care of the ring that swept you right off your feet and made you say YES!

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