Engagement Ring Shopping for Him: How to Pick the Perfect Ring for Him


I’m not sure about your mom, but I’m super proud of you, girl!

Look at you all grown up and ready to propose to your charming prince. 

Well, we totally understand and can relate to your situation- the pressure of preparation and the unbeatable urge for everything to be perfect, ughhhh.

But here we are, determined to be by your side on this rollercoaster yet beautiful journey. There is no rocket science here. There are just a few aspects that you need to take care of, and boom- you have landed the engagement ring that you have always dreamt of proposing to your perfect guy with. 

Your Prince deserves the best!

During this endeavor of finding the perfect engagement ring for your partner, you would get flashbacks of you being a 14-year-old girl dreaming of landing the perfect and exquisite engagement ring for your would-be husband. Well, we are fully aware of how you want things to be more than perfect, and that is why we are here to help you with some practical yet amazing tips that you can go by to pick the perfect ring for your king!!

Let’s delve into them without much ado, shall we?

  • Why procrastinate?

Engagement rings have no gender. Women all over the world are taking the lead in planning surprise proposals for the love of their lives. So, don’t think too much. Plan well and plan ahead. Start the process of ring shopping as soon as possible because the selection process is a lengthy as well as crucial one. The shipping time also has to be taken into consideration because you want the ring to be delivered to you on time.

So, shop early, and you’ll find everything falling into place. Starting off early grants you the permission to spend time exploring different options that can suit your man’s style and personality. 

Engagement rings, once confined to traditional diamonds and solitaires, are undergoing a stunning revolution. Today, couples are embracing avant-garde choices that defy convention. They seek uniqueness, brilliance, and relevance without succumbing to the humdrum or predictable. Enter a dazzling world of captivating gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, or even striking black diamonds. 

Their vibrant hues reflect the couple’s individuality and love’s vibrant spectrum. Delicate rose gold bands, intricate filigree work, and vintage-inspired designs reign supreme, transporting us to an era of timeless elegance. This revolution shatters the barriers of conformity, daring us to celebrate love with audacity and allure. Embrace the extraordinary and let your ring tell your enchanting tale.

  • Find his ring size:

Don’t freak out if you do not have his ring size yet. We have ideas for that too. You just need to plan your surprise carefully. Get any of his folks onboard, like his mother, sister, or friend, who could help you in finding his ring size. You just have to make sure that whosoever is included in the plan does not spill the beans. If you do not want this inclusion, then you can be sleek and secretly grab one of his rings that you can use as a size guide. 

  • Who cares about the price ring?

Ladies, let’s get one thing straight: finding the perfect engagement ring for him is absolutely nothing to do with breaking the bank! Forget about those mind-boggling price tags, and let’s focus on what really matters – love, connection, and a touch of personal flair. Whether your man rocks a dapper suit or is more of a casual-cool dude, there’s a ring out there that speaks to his unique style. Think outside the diamond box and explore options that make his heart skip a beat. How about a sleek titanium band with a secret engraving? Or a rugged wood and metal combo that showcases his adventurous spirit? From bold designs to minimalist marvels, the options are endless. Let your creativity soar, and don’t be afraid to mix and match materials, colors, and textures. Remember, it’s the sentiment behind the ring that truly counts – a symbol of your love and commitment that money can’t buy. So, go forth, fearless ring hunters, and find the one that makes him say “I do” with a smile from ear to ear.

  • Take control in your hands!

If you’re ready to turn the tables and make your man swoon with a surprise, designing an engagement ring for him is the ultimate power move! Gone are the days of boring, cookie-cutter rings that leave no room for creativity. It’s time to unleash your inner designer and craft a ring that captures his unique style and personality.

Picture this: a rugged, titanium band adorned with subtle engravings that tell the story of your love. Or perhaps a sleek and modern design featuring a striking black diamond that exudes strength and sophistication. The options are endless, and the choice is all yours!

By taking the reins and designing his ring, you’re sending a clear message: you know him inside out and want to create something that truly represents his essence. It’s a gesture that will leave him speechless and prove that you’re a force to be reckoned with.

So, gather your creative juices and embark on this exciting journey. Work with a skilled jeweler who can bring your vision to life.

  • Look for a matching Wedding Band:

We’ve unlocked the secret to taking your man’s ring game to the next level: matching wedding bands! Once you’ve designed that perfect engagement ring for him, it’s time to complete the picture with a wedding band that screams “couple goals” from every angle.

Imagine the magic of exchanging vows with rings that complement each other flawlessly. It’s like a synchronized dance of style and unity. Picture a sleek and sophisticated band that mirrors the design elements of his engagement ring. Or go bold with a contrasting metal that creates a striking visual harmony.

Matching wedding bands are the ultimate symbol of togetherness. They’re a testament to your shared journey, your bond, and your commitment to walk hand in hand through life’s adventures. Plus, they make for some seriously Instagrammable moments.

  • Collaborate with a ring designer:

Planning to pop the question and want to make it extra special? Well, listen up, lovebirds! If you’re thinking of surprising your sweetheart with an engagement ring, working with a ring designer is the way to go, and trust me, it’s an idea that’s worth its weight in gold (or diamonds)!

Picture this: You and the ring designer, partners in crime, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will make your partner’s heart skip a beat. They’re like your very own fairy godmother, turning your dreams and ideas into a dazzling reality. From selecting the perfect gemstone to crafting a unique design that screams, “This ring was made just for you,” these wizards of bling know how to create magic.

And let’s not forget the fun part! It’s like being a secret agent on a top-secret mission, sneaking around, trying to keep it hush-hush. The thrill of keeping the surprise intact will make your heart race faster than Usain Bolt on caffeine!

Get. Set. Go for it. 

Now that you have tips, you just need to go on with the implementation, and you’ll be good to go.

In this process of ring selection, do not forget the real essence of giving an engagement ring to him. The whole fiasco should be guided by love, affection, and admiration for your partner. 

We hope that you soon find the ring that swipes your man off his feet. 

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