Want it to be ‘Perfect?’- Here are 7 questions you must ask before buying a wedding ring

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We are sure that until now, many of your folks would have told you this. But in case they have not by any chance, we would like to tell you out loud how proud we are of how far you have come in this journey!! We cannot be sure whether you are the bride or the groom going through this blog, but we can assure you that we equally share the joy and happiness you must be feeling right now. Now, there are chances that you have already bought your engagement rings, proposed to your sweet one, and are planning to purchase your wedding bands. Or you are a thorough planner and are set to plan everything in advance. No matter the case, we are at your service!

Treat Wedding ring as a vow, promise for a lifetime.

Wedding rings are a vow in themselves. Wedding rings are just as unique and crucial to a relationship as engagement rings. An engagement ring happens to be the first step toward making your relationship official. At the same time, a wedding ring is the ultimate announcement of your eternal love to the world. Wedding rings should not be bought hastily, and proper planning should be done.

To help you out in the planning process, here are 7 questions you must ask yourself or your spouse, or the jeweler to land the wedding ring of your dream.

#1. We are sure about the budget, right?

It is one of the most crucial questions that you can ask yourself and your would- be- spouse. Mark our words when we say that this aspect leads to the most disagreements and confusion. The reason is miscommunication between partners. Take our advice, sit down with your fiance/fiancee, and plan your budget for your wedding rings. Some couples wish to spend lavishly on their wedding rings (a whopping amount!), while some believe in saving up for the future and go for simple and affordable picks for their wedding rings. The budget is entirely up to the couples to decide upon considering their outlooks toward finance and saving. Talk it out, people!

#2. What color metal do we want? 

It goes without saying that today the options are endless when it comes to selecting the metal for your wedding rings. If you like warm tones- go for yellow gold. Opt for white gold if you want it to be classic and on the ‘cooler side.’ Pick rose gold if you are aware of the fact that it compliments almost every skin tone!

Did we not mention platinum? How naive of us! Go for a platinum wedding ring band for a chic and stunning look. Nowadays, you can even opt for dual tones also. Make your wedding rings iconic with your own choice of metal.

#3. How much customization is too much customization?

Refrain from making the rookie mistake of not including the customization costs in your budget. Always visualize the end product no matter how minimal or lavish customization you wish to go for. Sometimes, couples customize to their heart’s limit and  regret it. They realize later that they would have liked it better with less customization. So, make up your mind before going for customizations for your ring. You can consider something simple, like engraving a particular date on your ring to add a hint of sentiment.

#4. Are we going to match?

When you set out to look for your wedding rings, you’ll notice that so many stores offer matching sets of rings for the bride and groom. You can consider this too. But we believe you can explore your individuality while exploring different options. Go for a white gold wedding ring even if your fiance is obsessed with the warm look of yellow gold. If you still want to coordinate, you can engrave the exact date or something else that holds emotional value for both of you.

#5. Do we consider our lifestyle before picking up wedding rings?

Absolutely, yes! Avoid going for a wedding ring that does not suit you and gels up with your specific lifestyle. You could require a stronger band depending on what you do for a living. Go for a smaller ring with softened edges if you participate in sports or an instrument, also known as the “comfort fit.” If you do manual labor, look for a plain, sturdy metal ring because engravings can collect dirt and loose stones. Also, if you’re very active, choose a metal like platinum because it is robust and long-lasting (when it is scratched, the metal is only temporarily displaced rather than actually wearing away).

#6. We are sure about our ring size, aren’t we?

Knowing this is essential even though it is a low priority for planning purposes when buying a ring. Likewise, if your significant other accompanies you on your trip to the store, there won’t be a problem. Ring sizes are a specialty of jewelers. But if you want to catch them off guard, you’ll need to do some investigating.

Although not many friends will be aware of this information about one another, you could try asking their friends or family. Many people are even unaware of their ring size. One tried-and-true technique we advise is sneakily taking one of their rings, one you’ve seen them wearing on their ring finger. It helps if it’s a piece of jewelry they wear rarely; they won’t notice it’s missing.

#7. How do we clean the wedding rings?

Although wedding rings are made to survive a lot of wear and tear, they are not indestructible. Humidity, sunscreens, lotions, and sweat will tarnish any ring if left on for an extended period of time. All jewelry needs routine cleaning to maintain its original beauty and perfect condition.

Most rings may be cleaned without risk at home using a gentle baby toothbrush, warm water, and some soap. Even so, it’s worthwhile to inquire with your jeweler about any special instructions for the ring you choose. Ask them whether they also provide any ring cleaning services, as most rings need to be professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Maintaining your forever ring is crucial to keep its beauty intact for a more extended period.

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You are all set for your wedding rings shopping! 

You can be sure to get the most out of your wedding ring shopping experience at a fine jewelry store by posing these questions. Please don’t hesitate to jot down your answers to these questions and use them as a checklist as you buy. Making the proper choice when purchasing a ring will have a lasting effect; therefore, it is worth the extra time and effort.

 We hope you find your dream wedding ring soon!

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